Performance Practice
of Electroacoustic Music

The Database

The Electroacoustic Performance Practice Database contains detailed information related to the performance of specific electroacoustic pieces. It is intended as a practical resource for performers and  was conceived and implemented within the research project The Performance Practice of Electroacoustic Music – towards a practice-based exchange between musicology and performance conducted at ICST, realised in collaboration with the Paul Sacher Stiftung, Basel and other partner institutions and funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation.



About the structure

The structure of the individual entries reflects the research, rehearsal and performance process during the project. An introduction discusses the historic context of works and their place within composer’s output, as well as compositional features. Next, sources that were consulted are identified and discussed. It is important to note that this information always reflects the current state of our research and  is not necessarily exhaustive, but is continuously updated. A section on performance includes information on editorial and/or authorial instructions and a report on the performance realized during the project. This is complemented by a bibliography and a schematic overview, unifying the entry’s information.

User participation

Since this database represents a work in progress intended to be expanded and updated as research on electroacoustic performance practice at ICST continues, we kindly invite users to share any additional information or point out possible inaccuracies.